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Please log in to your client portal or contact customer service for our current rate sheets.  Our pricing is right up front, fair and consistent, with no surprises and no surcharges.  Our client portal system is easy to understand, and gives you accurate pricing day or night.

Please note, our system uses MapPoint and measures mileage from your exact address location to exact location.  For the most accurate pricing, please give your exact address information to customer service.

Over 90 miles is outside local rates and will revert to statewide rates.
Consult customer service: 281-935-4048

Service Levels

Regular Service is a 3-5 hour service, Available M-F for call in from 8AM to 12 NOON.  Must be ready at time of call in.

Rush Service is a 2-3 hour service, Available M-F for call in from 8AM to 2 PM .  Must be ready at time of call in.

Express Service is a 1-2 hour service, Available M-F from 8AM to 5PM.  Can be scheduled any time during business hours.

Immediate Service is available anytime, day or night.  After 5pm, Weekends and holidays, incurs after hours charges

Other Charges That May Apply

Waiting time: 1st 14 minutes included, after the 15th minute is billed in increments of $2.50 for every 5 minutes.

Weight: first 25 lbs included, thereafter 10 cents per pound up to 300 lbs.

After hours charges: 50% more than the rated service- after 5pm Mon – Fri, weekends and Holidays.

Volume discounts: based on your consistent volume, special programs and pricing is available
Consult with customer service for any other special handling requirements, and they will quote you appropriately.

Consistent Quality • Consistent Service • Consistent Pricing • Consistently Dependable

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