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air courier services in the state of Texas
Lonestar Delivery & Process is an authorized courier that is approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA ) as an Indirect Air Carrier. We have the access to utilize both commercial passenger and cargo airlines. We can pick up and/or deliver your category B medical specimens to and from airports throughout the great state of Texas.

Lonestar is a delivery service company and a 24-hour process server for all of Texas. Further, it gives us great pleasure to introduce you to our AIRShot service which is the fastest way to move your package from and to anywhere in the State of Texas. There are so many things we can do with the AIRShot service, so
contact us today to get started.
AIRShot Medical - When you have medical emergencies or just daily medical transport needs, use LoneStar's AIRShot to move your medicine, specimens, surgical kits, medical equipment, donor organs or the like. We get it where it needs to be, just in time, to make the difference.

AIRShot Service works by routing outbound packages through the major airlines and sent out on the next available flight. We handle every aspect of the move, including final pickup
Inbound and to where it needs to be. We service all of the airports in our areas with on-time pick-up and delivery. We represent several Nationwide couriers as their local agent because of the professional level of service we provide.
Additional AIRShot Services
Our air courier services support client's 3PL operations.  From suppliers to manufacturers to logistics providers, the need to distribute deliveries to customers in the market area is one that is critical to a company's success, your success. We provide the perfect solution for you, your clients and your business!

LoneStar Delivery & Process can set-up various programs of custom distribution that are reliable, predictable and cost-effective. We can build in costs for line hauls, breakdown, delivery, exchanges, returns and even handle COD's. Our delivery services include dedicated and specialized route functions and can be customized for your in-bound as well as out-bound delivery needs.  

All AIRShot Services are for established accounts and follow all IAW TSA rules and guidelines. All parcels are subject to security inspection at anytime by members or agents of LoneStar Delivery & Process. Specimens for diagnostic testing are packaged with IAW IATA 650 guidelines and are compliant with all local rules. Accounts must be established at least 7 days prior to shipment. Shippers are subject to security inspection per TSA guidelines. For more information contact our customer service at (877) 527-5737.
AIRShot courier services in Texas


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