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Government Courier
LoneStar Delivery & Process can provide a wide array of services to the government sector. Here are just a few examples of how we serve our government clients:
  • Special Appointed Process Server for 3 States outside of Texas, to act as their representative here in the Houston area.
  • Special Process Server for the Office of the Attorney General State of Texas
  • Under Contract as process server for 2 Counties in the Houston Area
  • Special Courier for State Hospitals in several locations throughout the Houston area
  • Special Courier for the Texas Department of Health and Human Services
  • Special Courier for several Municipalities in the Clear Lake Area
  • Agent for clearing US Customs for several agencies
  • Passport and Visa walkthrough service to the consulates in Houston 
  • Trucking of Models for NASA Johnson Space Center for exhibits at Museums
  • Several school districts utilize services to support maintenance department operations

LoneStar Delivery & Process can provide the courier and process service needs of your agency, and is set up to operate both under a formal contract through procurement channels or by Purchase Card for your convenience. Please contact us to develop a same day solution for your agency! 



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