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LoneStar Delivery & Process can provide Medical Courier Service throughout the cities of Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. Our Medical Courier Services are experienced, trained, knowledgeable professionals who know what it takes to handle medical deliveries throughout Texas. Trained in Universal Precautions and Infection Control procedures, each driver knows the transport requirements for a variety of different needs, and can be equipped to handle a wide array of medical courier demands. Here are just some of the many possibilities that LoneStar Delivery & Process can provide a medical courier delivery solution for:

  • Medical Specimen Pickup- Routine and STAT Service
  • Specimen Consolidation and send out by air
  • Special Handling - Skilled nursing facility support
  • Medical Supply Delivery - Warehousing and facility support
  • Remote Printer and report delivery support
  • Infusion Therapy/Home Health Support
  • Hospice care delivery support
  • Retail Pharmaceutical Delivery to patients
  • Distribution of Pharmaceuticals to storefronts
  • Hospital Material Management Delivery
  • Surgical Kit Delivery - JIT service
  • Transplant/ Donor Organ Delivery Support
  • Whole Blood Delivery
  • Remote Phlebotomy Service support
LoneStar Delivery & Process can also meet the needs of pharmaceutical distributors for Radio Pharmaceuticals, from single item deliveries to route service with returns and exchanges. LoneStar Delivery & Process can make deliveries to hospitals, medical centers, clinics and long term care facilities with speed and accuracy. Our Medical Courier Services are flexible to meet the ever changing demands of the Healthcare Industry.

LoneStar Delivery & Process understands the sensitive nature and importance of medical deliveries, the steps that are necessary to fulfill requirements in the medical community, and is compliant with all requirements including OSHA and HIPAA.


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