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legal process service in Houston

LoneStar Delivery & Process is focused on meeting the needs of legal firms and organizations throughout the State of Texas and is knowledgeable in Texas rules of civil procedures to accommodate every firm's needs. LoneStar Delivery & Process knows the counties, the courts, the judges, the schedules and the procedures to can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Here are just a few of the many ways LoneStar Delivery & Process can make the difference to your firm and your clients:

Court Filing Service -Get help with court filing and process service

Filings can be done in local, county, district and federal courts promptly and includes your endorsed file return copy next day. Same day returns can be made for a return trip charge.

Walk Through Filing Service -

Need the judge's signature to issue an order? Need a court date? Need to know it now? Lonestar's walk through service will make sure your documents are signed and in the appropriate court at the appropriate time.

Process Service -

LoneStar Delivery & Process has a staff of trained process servers capable of serving documents in every county in the state of Texas, including the special certifications for Harris County. We can serve quickly, efficiently and can keep our clients informed on every service.

Nationwide Process Service -

LoneStar Delivery & Process has a network of process servers prepared to serve for you in every state of the union and Canada. Each agent meets a high standard of service to meet your needs and your client's needs.

Subpoena Production Service -

LoneStar Delivery & Process can assist you in the production of subpoenas for a variety of different needs. We can prepare subpoenas from your original notice and then make the service of those subpoenas with diligence and professionalism.     

Legal Research/Copy Service -

Need copies of a file, a petition or an order on file with the court? LoneStar Delivery & Process can research that document and then get the copies made and delivered to you – across the city or the country. From a single page to an entire file, LoneStar Delivery & Process is prepared to hunt down your documents and get the job done.

Mobile Notary Service -

Up to a 150 mile radius around each city, LoneStar Delivery & Process can notarize documents for you and then get those documents to their destination on-time and certified for your use.

Signature Service -Get process service with signature delivery

Do you need an original contract signed? A retainer agreement? Medical release? LoneStar Delivery & Process can take your documents and "sign up" your client anywhere throughout Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. Outside of that, LoneStar Delivery & Process has a network of agents that can fulfill your nationwide needs.

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